About CID International

All of us have seen work which is below standard, often this is not rectified due to time pressures, inability to force correction or simply lack of care.

CID was born from the frustration of manufacturers & specifiers being unable to be sure that products were installed correctly by competent people. CID International Ltd developed this method of identifying each and every installation and at the same time giving the manufacturers the ability to certify only the installers of their choice. In other words the manufacturer can choose which installation they will certify.

CID International Ltd are committed to the integrity of the system, the continual development of the database to accommodate the individual requirements of all types of products and installation, while giving all other stakeholders peace of mind and access to all data.   

Specifiers, constructors, local bodies, insurance companies and building owners in fact anybody who wants to can access the information.

We Are Available

About Us

We will come to you at any time and tell the CID story. We enjoy talking with you, in groups or individually. One of us is available to attend your meeting or training or peer group at any time  We believe the availability of information assembled by certified  hands-on operators is essential in an environment where lives, infrastructure & wealth producing assets need protection.