Information for Installers

Becoming a registered installer recognised by CID International is easy.
Go to the "Installers" link at the top of the CID International website.

The login page will open and you will be able to click the "Register" link.
This registration page needs to be completed with all the relevant contact details and you need to tick the boxes for the manufacturers whose products you will be installing.
When you submit your registration you will automatically be allocated a CID identification number and you will receive an email confirmation.
You may then logon to the CID International website using your email address and the password that you have chosen.

In order to load CID Certificates onto the database, you will need both your CID identification number and a Penetration Identification number. Whilst CID International can issue you with your CID identification number, Penetration Identification numbers can only be issued by manufacturers. You will need to contact the relevant manufacturer to buy a book of CID Certificates (usually 10/book).
The amount of training you may require is at the discretion of the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have its own requirements depending on the products you may be wishing to install. You must discuss this with the manufacturer before they will be able to sell you any CID books.

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