Information for Manufacturers

CID International deals only with manufacturers or authorised distributors of manufacturers (in those instances where the manufacturer is based overseas). In all cases the entity that CID International deals with must have authority to represent those products in its market (not necessarily exclusively) and must have authority to handle warranty claims against those products should that situation arise. This information page uses the term manufacturer to cover either original equipment manufacturers (OEM) or authorised distributors.

In the first instance contact one of the CID International representatives listed on the webpage. You will be asked for certain information as follows:

  • Details of the products you wish to have listed by CID International
  • Confirmation of your status as an authorised distributor (if you are not the OEM). Depending on the authority you have, it may be necessary to have the OEM approve your request to list their products on CID.
  • Evidence of your products acceptance or suitability for the market you are supplying
  • Details of your installer training procedures
  • When this information has been assessed by CID, the manufacturer will be invited to sign the CID Member Agreement.

Once approved by CID International, a manufacturer will be issued with a logon name and password. That gives the manufacturer access to its own secure page on the CID International website. From that date all installers who register as wishing to install the manufacturer's products will appear on the manufacturer's page and the manufacturer will be advised by email that a new installer has registered. The manufacturer's page gives an option to also maintain a list of trained installers. These will be installers who have initially registered and then undergone the manufacturer's training program. Each manufacturer will have their own requirements for installers to meet before they will be issued with CID books (see below). This is the area of quality control for the manufacturer. No installer can load any information on the CID database without using a Penetration Identification number from a CID book issued by the manufacturer. Therefore the manufacturer has total control over who can represent themselves in the market as an approved installer.

The manufacturer buys CID books from CID International. When the CID books are issued, CID International activates those Identification numbers on the system. The system will not accept an Identification number for the manufacturer unless it corresponds to a number that has been issued to that manufacturer.

There is a fee charged to the manufacturer by CID International for the original setup. This is not a standard fee as every manufacturer's requirements are slightly different. There is an annual renewal fee charged by CID International which depends on the number of products listed by the manufacturer. Books are charged according to the underlying printing costs. The layout of the books is determined by the manufacturer.

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